Credits: Mike Mackenzie

colloquium – 2 March 2021

Jakub Tomczak

All that glitters is not Deep Learning in Life Sciences (but sometimes it is!) Read More ›

colloquium – 16 February 2021

Eliu Huerta Escudero

Towards Accelerated, Reproducible, Physics-informed AI-driven Discovery Read More ›

colloquium – 2 February 2021

Mario Geiger

e3nn: Euclidean symmetry for neural networks Read More ›

colloquium – 19 January 2021

Dim Coumou

Machine Learning in climate science: Finding causal connections and improving seasonal forecasts Read More ›

colloquium – 24 November 2020

Luisa Lucie-Smith

Machine Learning the formation of dark matter halos in the Universe Read More ›