Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Molecules and Materials

Research Priority Area

AI for Sustainable Molecules and Materials

Researchers discover, study, and design molecules and materials in all FNWI institutes related to chemistry, ecology, physics, and biology. The research focus area Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Molecules and Materials (AI4SMM) connects and promotes research focused on making molecules and materials for a sustainable planet by leveraging the utility of artificial intelligence.

The multidisciplinary AI4SMM Laboratory bridges the FNWI strengths related to sustainability, AI, and design of smart materials and molecules. AI4SMM aims to be a knowledge hub within a green and smart ecosystem that includes the UvA Sustainability Platform, the AI4Science Lab, AMLab, the Data Science Center, the Computational Soft Matter Lab, the Computational Chemistry Group, but also the MaterialenNL Platform, Port of Amsterdam, Microsoft Research, and so forth.

Read more about our mission and our aims for scientific research, education, and connecting with academic and industrial partners on our “About AI4SMM” page.

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Entering the fifth paradigm for chemistry!

ChemAI Day

The AI4Science Lab and the Amsterdam Chemistry Network are organizing the ChemAI Symposium on November 16th in LAB42 in Amsterdam. Please join us! We are looking forward to connect with academic and industrial partners and explore how we can exploit artificial intelligence to make chemical processes and materials in a sustainable manner.

  • When: 16 November 2023
  • Where: LAB42 Room L1.01, Science Park, Amsterdam
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A warm welcome to three AI4SMM postdoctoral fellows

AI4SMM Research

Early 2023, the AI4SMM call for research proposals for postdoctoral fellowship projects was concluded and four excellent multidisciplinary projects were awarded. We are very happy that we can now welcome our first AI4SMM postdoctoral fellows to the lab:

Maxim Brodmerkel
Marco Federici
Alexander Korotkevich
Maxim will be working on Machine Learning-based models of plant protein mixtures for sustainable food design. Marco's project is on chemical additives for safe-and-sustainable-by-design plastics. And Alexander studies salt hydrates for thermal energy storage. Click below to read further about their research plans.
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