What AI and machine learning allows you to do is find the needle in the haystack. Bob Work

The AI4Science Laboratory is the center of a rapidly growing multidisciplinary consortium of students, researchers, and experts interested in the development and application of artificial intelligence tools for the analysis of scientific data. We keep each other informed about interesting challenges and new developments. Our activities include organising seminars and workshops, assisting or working together on research ranging from fundamental science to practical implementation, and helping each other with acquiring funding for AI4Science spin-offs. Are you interested in joining the AI4Science consortium?

The AI4Science Laboratory is located in the UvA Science Park building, with a main office in the Informatics Institute. But our research projects are always connected to experiments in vastly different scientific research domains, which are located in the different FNWI institures. Currently, we have projects in:

Email List

To stay up to date with our activities and be invited to our biweekly AI4Science colloquium series, you may send a request to be included in our emaillist via an email to us with your name, affiliation and a one-sentence motivation for joining.

Bachelor and Master Student Research Projects

Computer Science students or other talented students with a keen interest in AI and an affinity for computer programming (e.g. in python, R, C, C++, etc) are welcome to inquire for research projects by sending an email to us.