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Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Molecules and Materials


Kickoff Symposium

Now that our first round of AI4SMM projects have been staffed and started, we are organizing an official AI4SMM Kickoff Symposium.

  • When: Thursday, 30 May 2024
  • Where: Matrix ONE, Science Park 301, Amsterdam

AI4SMM Kickoff Program

Previous events

ChemAI Day

Entering the fifth paradigm for chemistry!—this is the title of the first ChemAI Day, organised this November 16th on our Science Park Campus in Amsterdam. Of course, AI4SMM will be present at this event to discuss with anyone interested the ChemAI question: how AI is changing chemical discovery? And our take on this qustion is, not surprisingly, how can AI help to do this in a sustainable manner? Please join us! We are looking forward to connect with academic and industrial partners to enlarge our consortium.

  • When: 16 November 2023
  • Where: LAB42 Room L1.01, Science Park, Amsterdam

ChemAI Event

This first ChemAI symposium was a great hit, with over 200 participants, of which half from companies and other non-academic institutions. In November 2024, we will organize the second edition of ChemAI. To get and impression of ChemAI 2023, click on the button below to see the photo gallery and find the powerpoint presentations of the speakers.

ChemAI Gallery