Credits: Mike Mackenzie

colloquium – 14 April 2022

Gabriel Vivo-Truyols

On the use of Bayesian statistics for chromatography and mass spectrometry: dealing with big data Read More ›

colloquium – 29 March 2022

Anna Scaife

Catalogue curation, likelihood misspecification and dataset shift: challenges for Bayesian deep-learning in radio astronomy Read More ›

colloquium – 15 March 2022

Rajesh Ranganath

Interpretability and Out of Distribution Generalization in Deep Predictive Models Read More ›

colloquium – 1 March 2022

Martin van Hecke

Machine Learning of Combinatiorial Rules in Mechanical Metamaterials Read More ›

colloquium – 7 February 2022

Jan-Matthis Lückmann

Simulation-Based Inference for Neuroscience and Beyond Read More ›